Cosmetic Tubes

Squeeze tube packaging can be used wildly among cosmetic, skincare, makeup, haircare, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, medicine, painting, industrial use, etc. Since they will be maily used for cosmetic, many people will love to call it cosmetic tubes.

Auber has focused on tube packaging manufacturering over 17 years, and we've served thousands of brands all over the world. No matter you are look for lip gloss tube, lube tube, toothpaste tube, lotion tube, or shaving cream tube etc., Auber could OEM/ ODM them, our aim is to provide the most suitable tubes for you brands.

Auber D22mm Purple Squeeze Tubes for Cosmetics with Screw on Cap
There are many printing effects can be displayed on Squeeze Tubes. Like this purple squeeze tube with black screw on cap, you can see the purple gradient printing, and also the pearled tube sleeve effect. We would be happy to help our clients to know more priniting effects and provide the best printing scheme for your reference.
Auber 40g | 1.5oz | 3oz Round Tube for Facial Mask | Toothpaste in D35mm
Some clients may wonder why we will full print one color on the tube to make it look like the colored, won't making the colored tube more convenient? Actually for some cases, like the artworks are with the pure white, the white color will become darker when printed on colored tubes. Another situation is the laminated tube, the basic colors of them are silver, white, clear, thus to make them like colored tubes, we will use this method. 
Auber Flat Nozzle Gel Tubes With Fissure Texture
As the packaging tube manufacturer from 2004, Auber will create the new packaging tube every year. The paper texture tube is one of them. It surface is uneven when extruding and like the fissure( now we call it paper texture). We make it into different shapes.  Like this flat nozzle gel tubes,  it can be filled with some thin products like gel, eye, cream, ointment cream. Besides, Auber can customize any tube colors per your request. 
Auber D50mm Shave Balm Packaging Manufacturer Dual Chamber Tube with Screw On Cap
This Shave Balm Packaging tube with dual chambers. What will people use the dual chamber tubes to pack? Normally it will be fit for the cream/ gel in two different colors or with different functions. Auber can produce the inner layer & outter layer tube in different colors and even materials. Besides of the functional & aesthetic usages, the dual-chamber tube can also bring some fun to the consumers. The cream comes out like the ice-cream when squeezing the tubes! 
China plastic tube packaging oval manufacturers - Auber Packaging
Auber a stable manufacturer for plastic tube packaging in China since 2004. We can provide max. 300 million yearly. This is one oval tube packaging for cosmetic we made before. The bright red color can be changed into any color you prefer, and we can match or acheive the final effect you want per the design. The client just want the whole tube looks simple but high end, thus they didn't put many texts or patterns in the design. Thus, we suggest using the shiny gold hot foil. The client is happy to see the printed samples since they think the bright red & shiny gold matching very well. 
Auber Printed Plastic Laminated Tube in D40mm with  Flip Top Cap
Wow, what a eye-catching Plastic Laminated Tube! The design of the tube is like an unexpected great result of accidentally upsetting a paint box, also looks like different colors of cream mixed together. The changing lines & colors are printed with full page CMYK which Auber can make it very nice on laminated tubes. Besides of the CMYK printing, we can also make silk screen printing on the lami tubes. Check this example, we can touch the white texts and read them clearly with the stereoscopic effect. All in all, this tube is a combination of sight and feeling.
Auber D40mm Rose Hand Cream Plastic Laminated Tubes Factory with Bamboo Cap
For some complex design including human & scenery, we can print them with CMYK printing on Plastic Laminated Tube. For example, the client would like to print a beautiful rose on the tube per their products tone. Check this pink tube, the roses on the tube packaging are vivid. Auber packaging is an ISO certified OEM/ODM packaging manufacturer since 2004, and we can print the Plastic Laminated Tube with excellent CMYK printing.    
Auber D35mm Hand Cream Aluminum Laminated Tubes Wholesale With Screw On Cap
If the client want to print a beautiful girl on the hand cream aluminum laminated tube, like this case, how will Auber ( a professional cosmetic tubes packaging fatory) advise? We will advise to choose CMYK printing to make the complex design. Besides of the excellent CMYK printing, we also offset print the gradient green on it, after that the whole tube looks so fresh.
Auber D30mm Sand Texture Skincare Plastic Tubes for Concealer with Flower Caps
The Sand Texture Skincare Plastic Tubes are created by Auber a few years ago, and we are the first vendor to produce them. The first overseas order was for a hair coloring product from USA. The client was so excited when looking at this special tube. Usually we will recommend to do silk screen printing for this type of tubes. The color of silk screen priniting will be more obvious instead of offset printing because of the uneven texture of the tube.
Auber Hand Cream Plastic Tubes 35mm With Special Tail Seal
How to make the tube more vivid and natural? We would recommend to customize special tail tube, like this red butterfly tail tube. Of course, if you want other special tail shap tube like fish, rabbit ect., we would be happy to customize for you. As you can see, we make an attracting  purple hot stamping for the logo, it's iconic. The flower screw on cap fits the butterfly tube tail very well, right? 
Black Cosmetics Packaging For Men Facial Cleansing Auber
The design for men skin care tube packaging may simple but it will be stylish, like this black cosmetics packaging tube. We will suggest making silk screen priniting on black or other dark colored tubes, the effect will better and obvious no matter for your product's ingredient descriptiont or your product's advantages. Choosing a highlight hot stamping for your logo may a great idea as well. On the top of that, your products will suddenly looks extraordinary.
Auber Gold Aluminum Cosmetic Tubes With Screw Cap
Many people do not know we have two types of aluminum laminated, one is silver aluminum laminated, another is white aluminum laminated. When you choose the silver aluminum laminated and prinitng common color offset printing on it, the final effect of tube printing will be metallic, like the gold alumimum lainated tube of the video. That's the magic of tube printing.