What kind of tube can be printed wholly (including tail and shoulder)?

Laminated tube, such as PBL, ABL tube, because laminated tube are complanate printing.

What is unvarnished area and no printing area?

No printing area is a blank space on PE tube shoulder, about 3mm. PE tubes are extruded one time directly, and printing machines are unable to print that angle due to the bending. It is avoidable by making second heading

What is five/double layers cosmetics tubes? What is the difference?

Succinctly speaking, 5 layers cosmetic tubes(EVOH tubes/CO-EX tubes) are with EVOH, while single/double layers tubes are without.

What are the differences between LDPE/MDPE/HDPE beauty tubes packaging?

First, let’s be clear about their definition. LDPE=Low Density PE; MDPE=Middle Density; HDPE=High Density. 

Decorations for Cosmetic Tubes

 Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then  to the      printing surface. Auber Cosmetic Tubes could made with simple design offset printing, gradual changing effect(Dot offset printing) and big area printing.         Silk Screen printing is a […]

Do you have any ISO or GMP certificates?

Yes, we are ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer. Our production environment is clean and completely conformed with the GMP requirement.

How do you pack the products?

 We’ll pack the tubes in a big polybag and exporting outer carton. Each layer will be packed in order and separated by paper(option 1), or packed in tray(optoin 2).

What’s the difference between Mono layer,Multi-layer and Aluminum plastic laminated tubes?

Difference between Mono layer,Multi-layer and Aluminum plastic laminated tubes Type Mono layer tube Multi-layer tube Aluminum plastic laminated tube layer tube Multi-layer tube Aluminum plastic laminated tube Layer Material PE PE/Adhesive/EVOH/Adhesive/PE PE/Adhesive/Aluminum/Adhesive/PE Usage It can be used for mild products, or the product with short shelf life, like cleanser, cream, shampoo, lotion, essence, conditioner, etc. […]

What’s the material of your product?

Auber’s cosmetic tubes are made of PE or Aluminum plastic. The tube’s softness will be different according to the various percentages of LDPE and HDPE.

What’s your factory location?

Our factory is located in Guangzhou in Guangdong prvice. The detailed address is:Qianjiawei Industry Area, Zhongluotan, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China We also have an office in Guangzhou to contact and meet with customers more conveniently. More details, you can refer to this page in our website: http://www.cosmetic-tube.com/Helps/ContactAuber.html .

Wege des Verpackungsrecyclings und die Belohnungen

Nachhaltige Verpackungen werden zu einem beliebten Thema, da die Umweltverschmutzung zunimmt. Heutzutage werden normalerweise verschiedene Arten von Materialien verwendet, um kosmetische Verpackungen herzustellen.

Ways of packaging recycling and the rewards

Sustainable packaging is becoming a popular topic as the increases of pollution concern. Now it is normally to use different kinds of materials to produce cosmetic packaging of recycle activities.


Research and Development

Innovation on mould, technical, material, etc

1-2 new styles per month

Auber is the 1st factories producing Aluminum plastic tubes, Plastic laminated tubes and high glossy laminated tubes.

New technology used as whole sheet of hotstamping, printing without shoulders, flax electroplating, etc.


Quality Control

ISO9001:2015 certified

Following GB/T 19001-2016 standard

100% inspection carried out before packaging

4 inspections: self-inspection / first inspection / routine inspection / final inspection Alum

Extra 24H penetration testing



Quick response

Offer professional production solutions

Detailed inspection report as per each sample and production